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Legal & Compliance

We are a firm of lawyers, specialising in the preparation and compliance of international transactions having multi-jurisdictional elements. Our model is to take responsibility for all local and international legal requirements of our clients, by combining in-house day to day legal resources, with the selection and monitoring of the most appropriate experts for the client individual needs.

As active members since 2004 of Geneva Group International, we continue to act as a ‘local’ advisor, to a client anywhere in the world, prioritising due diligence, compliance and know-how and know-who, to orchestrate an international team capacity. In this way, we are also able to act on behalf of professional firms seeking our expertise to plan and manage the requisite specialist team and process.



Whereas most EU Regulators and tax authorities are difficult to access, their Maltese counterparts see themselves as part of the solution, and have settled into the role of ‘recommending best way forward’ to new clients at the outset. Its stringent due diligence culture is secured by the legal fact of personal liability under Maltese law for corporate obligations to the authorities. A Malta solution is thus especially interesting because of the peace of mind emanating from the quality and versatility of the building blocks at hand. Typically crystallizing a savvy balance of Regulation and Market suitability, Malta offers a smart blend of structure and versatility ; a distinct British-Mediterranean comparative and creative mindset to structure complex contracts and delicate multi-cultural mediation, which CREDAL’s lawyers have been refining since 1992.

Compliance from a 360 degree approach

In all cases, we collaborate with a local expert from the client’s home jurisdiction so that we can ensure, BOTH the Business AND the Private aspects of the solution, are secured, on the basis of :

  • Full respect for client tax history, ensuring current tax matches actual lifestyle, and if not adjusting accordingly.
  • Individual strategy of tax deferral via dividend accumulated & indirect benefit (pay according to asset use rather than ownership), based upon client acceptance to pay full home tax on any funds received or ‘benefits’ used.
  • Appropriate provision for Payment of Malta VAT of 18% (where applicable) on a timely basis and appropriate provision for corporate tax of 35% on profits, (refunded to shareholder according to income type – active passive or dividend).
  • Governance and compliance via active anti-money laundering procedures and appropriate due diligence on client funding and target counterparties, and emphasis on clarity and integrity of all documents / contracts / transaction data
  • Malta management & control via effective board members that bring value via new business opportunities, and in-depth review on strategy, contracts, and oversight of financials via day to day administration that reports on a monthly or quarterly basis to the board.


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