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We take client business very personally, first by carefully selecting who we work with on the basis of our core values, secondly according to whether substantive new value can be collaboratively built, and thirdly by managing client risk as if it were our own reputation or capital or dream on the line.


V a l u e s

  • – Value generation via ethical, comprehensive and functional clarity
  • – Personal attention to people, detail, communication and deliverables
  • – Risk Management via strong tried and tested fundamentals
  • – Individual solutions via multi-jurisdictional know-how & know-who
  • – Structured quality control of A to Z responsibility


E v o l u t i o n

What began as an informal international collaboration between lawyers and management consultants in the nineties, and has since then via several successful collaborations with clients and client advisors from all over the world evolved into CREDAL n e t w o r k.


C h a r a c t e r

Today CREDAL network is a unique Business-Development platform, integrating Corporate Governance, Investment Support, E-Commerce, Corporate Finance and IP specialists into a select (by invitation only) club of socially responsible leaders. Each network member brings extraordinary value to a unique table of opportunity, where risk is significantly reduced by virtue of the track record and abilities of such introducers of clients, services, capital and projects, all of which are committed to best practice as the standard form of governance, accountability and success.


M e t h o d

CREDAL’s research based design and implementation of international solutions, involves the building of project specific teams and resources into Malta based international joint venture companies and investment funds, enabling private equity to source and assist start-ups and international enterprise.


G l o b a l i t y

Our experience in designing and managing companies, trusts, investment funds, joint ventures, multi-jurisdictional transactions, contracts and relationships, is globalized via our exclusive law firm membership of Geneva Group International; One of the world’s leading organizations of independent law, accounting, audit and consulting firms.


Risk Management & Quality of Life

As part of our risk management strategy, we firmly believe that an international solution is only as good as its approval by the most appropriate lawyers, tax advisors, bankers and auditors in each related jurisdiction. For this reason we make sure that client’s existing established relationships and experts are incorporated into the solution research, design, testing and implementation process.

Quality of life – of our existing and prospective clients as well as our team and recruits is based upon respect by all of the core values above. For this reason CREDAL has never been (nor will it ever enter) the volume business, as our modus operandi continues to be that of quality interaction with quality clients.



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